Dry: A Book Trailer

This one minute and fifty three second video took me approximately seven hours to complete. The reason why it took me so long to complete was because I was working with software and webpages that I had never used before. While most of my videos were download from Adobe Stock, I also downloaded several videos from Wikimedia Commons. All the videos downloaded from Wikimedia were in webm format and I had to convert them into mp4 files by using an online converter at Cloudconvert.

The reason why I used this two video sources was because I cannot use copyrighted material. Since the videos downloaded from Wikimedia are covered by a CC BY-SA 3.0 copyright I have made sure to give credit to the creators. For all the videos downloaded from Adobe Stock I had to pay for the video license. I don’t believe in appropriating, or sampling the work of others and Jenkins mentions.

As much as I enjoyed doing this time consuming it was odd trying to make these videos fit into my narrative. For example, it was very strange to me using videos from the protests and riots in Paris and Vancouver and try to make them seem as though they had taken place in Southern California. However, what seemed to most awkward to me was giving the character of Alyssa a face that doesn’t exactly match the description given in the book.

Although, I’m relatively happy with the end result. I don’t know if I’ll do it again.


Infraction, “Epic Action Cinematic , heros,” 2021


Wikimedia Commons, ”Gilets Jaune Live 24/24 7/7 Anti-censure” 2019
Tom Hawkins, “Angeles National Forest from Mount Wilson.” 2011
Jon McRae, ” Vancouver Riots 20114″ 2011
NASA Goddar, “Megadroughts Projected for American West” 2015

2 thoughts on “Dry: A Book Trailer”

  1. Hey David! I am always impressed by people that made videos. I recently used Vimeo, but it was all still photos. I really wanted to make a book trailer, but I just couldn’t find clips of videos that worked. Where did you find most of your videos? I had such a trouble downloading videos from Youtube and the quality just wasn’t great. Your videos looked sharp and high def at all times! I liked that you uploaded to Youtube, I was able to put on the closed captioning which I have found is really important in my classes. Dry is definitely on my summer reading list!


  2. David, major props for doing the voice work for your trailer! Between the use of footage, music, and your own voice, you really have conveyed the high stakes drama that Dry brings. I’m curious to know what website/program you used? I’m assuming the footage was stock footage, but nonetheless all of it fit very well for the context of the book. Nice work!


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