The Corporate Cowboy

From the opening lines of William Gibson’s Neuromancer (1984), The very first thing that stands out about the narrative is the ubiquity of drug use and body modifications within the society, the milieu, in which the plot develops…Continue

Le désespoir est un bâillon: La deuxième guerre mondiale dans L’État de siege

Certaines des plus profondes réflexions qui ont surgi après la défaite du régime nazi à la fin de la seconde guerre mondiale ont tenté de comprendre comment ce régime est arrivé au pouvoir et quel rôle les citoyens des pays occupés ont joué pour le perpétuer…Continue

La masculinidad y el gaucho

El tema de la civilización y de la barbarie ha sido uno de los temas más recurrentes dentro de la narrativa de las naciones latinoamericanas.  Desde la colonización hasta el presente este tema que contrapone lo europeo, y lo cristiano con lo indígena, o africano ha sido debatido…Continue

The Avengers in Aeschylus’ Oresteia

Of the Trojan War, tradition says it was all for the sake of a woman.  Who said it first or when it was first said will more than likely never be known.  Yet Homer, who has been the authority on the matter, seems to assert…Continue

Paradigmes dangereux

Teatro di San Carlo, Naples, Italy, 2009
Lorsque la vision qu’il a du chanteur s’avère fausse, on voit que Sarrasine souffre d’une désillusion si profonde qu’elle l’anéantit. De cette manière, dans « Sarrasine » Balzac…Continue

The Woman Behind the Woman Who Was Not B.B.

Enter aBorn in Rome in 1925 Waldemar Cordeiro was a Brazil based artist whose mature work began around the turn of the last century…Continue caption

Peter Walsh: A Character Study

when a principal a character such as Peter Walsh is introduced into the narrative as a failure, to understand how or why he has failed, the novel forces the reader to view this aspect of his characterization, his personality, not only through the manner through which others see him, but also through the manner by which he sees himself and others…Continue


Between the Moral and Aesthetic Values in Drama

Enter One of the most pressing questions for any playwright is, what makes a play successful? To answer this question thousands of books and theoretical treaties have been written since the time of the ancients. Of these, perhaps the most famous is Aristotle’s Poetics…Continue


Manipulaciones  referenciales  en la obra de Rosaângela Rennó

En el año 2006, la artista brasileña Rosângela Rennó produjo una exposición de arte llamada…Continue

The Rape of the Lock: As Text and Visual Art

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 1.39.26 PM
In England, during the reign of Queen Anne and not long after the last English Catholic Monarchs had fled permanently to France, there occurred a strange incident…Continue

Fellini’s Satyricon, and The Sexual Revolution of the Hippie Counterculture

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 11.53.37 AM.png
In 1969, within the midst of this atmosphere of open dialogue came Fellini’s film adaptation of Gaius Petronius’ first century CE “novel” Satyricon. Titled simply Fellini’s Satyricon, the film, like Petronius’ own extant narrative, follows the adventures…Continue

The Labyrinth of the Self in Whitman’s “Song of Myself”

“Go freely with powerful uneducated persons, and with the young…” Walt Whitman commands his readers to do in the introduction to the 1855 edition of Leaves of Grass…Continue

El Misticismo Gnóstico de Valle-Inclán

Romance de Lobos036.jpg
Escrita en 1908, Romance de lobos es una obra teatral que trata de la desintegración de una familia antes y después de la muerte de una madre…Continue

On Wordsworth’s Revisions

NPG 1857,William Wordsworth,by Benjamin Robert Haydon
Traditionally, many critics and publishers have considered Wordsworth’s last Collected Edition as standard form for reprint and criticism.  That is, until the mid 20th century…Continue


Edmund: The Bastard

“From the first drawing up of the Curtain he has stood before us in the united strength and beauty of earliest Manhood.  Our eyes have been questioning him…” Continue